Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY - Personalized Doggy Gift Bags

Front of the gift bag
Back of the gift bag
My friend has been bugging me to post this project.  Remember the Doggy birthday party I went to a couple of weeks ago?  I brought a gift that was ordinary but made it extraordinary with the time and effort I put into decorating the gift bag.  When I was leaving my apartment complex one morning, the leasing staff was passing out gift bags with morning breakfast goodies.  It was a plain white bag with the logo of their company in black.  As I was sitting in my office eating my granola bar, I could not stop thinking about how I can re-use the bag.  An idea popped in my head to decorate it and use it for the birthday.  I asked a friend to print out some of the pictures the hostess had on her facebook page.  I cut out some of the photos and added a few decorations.  The tricky part about this is finding pictures that are not to small or big for the bag.  This is a very easy project that took me back to kindergarten.  If you passed the kindergarten test on cutting and pasting then your good to go.  It literally took me less than 15 minutes to make.  I think if it is more personalized, it is memorable.  The gift bag was a hit! 

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