Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friggin Cold

BRAMTON Company Dog Bed Self Warming Pad LargePetrageous Frosty's Snowflake Dog Sweater - Red X-SmallOkay, so I think the Groundhog messed up.  It is friggin cold outside.  I know some of you dread that morning potty break or walking your dog in the afternoon.  I'm there with you!  If you have a smaller dog, it is harder to keep them warm.  I know there are some of you guys out there that laugh at the small dog owners that put sweaters on their loved ones but it is much needed.  Smaller dogs get cold easily which could be dangerous.  So some of you dudes with smaller dogs need to cowboy up, swallow your pride, and put that knitted sweater on your dog.  Inside dogs need less treats.  Just like humans, they tend to gain weight during winter.  Try to find a spot in your house to throw some toys around.  Outside dogs need more treats because of all the calories they burn to keep warm.  They also need more water.  Make sure you take your cat in at night.  Really, all pets should come in at night during the winter.  Try to invest in a pad warmer.  Just imagine if you were your pet, you'd like to be kept warm too.

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