Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is your Pet racist or sexist?

Yes, I know most of you are looking at this confused but some of you, you know who you are, are wondering if this article is about you.  Well, it might be.  I was pet sitting for a friend that has an odd reaction to African Americans.  At first I really thought their dog was just a little unfriendly to people at times.  Then, I started to notice a pattern.  Every African American that walked by had the dog turn into Cujo.  I thought could this be?  Could this dog be a Klan dog?  If so, I was in trouble if he found out I was not 100% Caucasian.  The crazy insane part of this story is that the dog was black.  Should I scrummage through my friend's closet to find a mini hood and robe? Oh lord, please say it ain't so! 

The same has happened to me with a friend's cat.  The cat hated women.  Could this cat be sexist?  So, I did some research on-line and discovered that cats and dogs can not be sexist and racist.  Racism is the belief that one race is superior to the other.  Pets can't be racist.  They can barely see color.  The explanation for this phenomenon is environment.  The reason for the dog and cats reaction is that they simply were not exposed to the opposite sex much or other races.  When pets are fearful, it is because of the unknown.  So, the lesson for today is, expose your pets to people, places, and things early.  This is also great for people that anticipate having children one day. 

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