Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Royal Spaniel

Royal Cake anyone?
Congratulations to Duke and duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, on adopting a new family member.  They are now proud parents of a black cocker spaniel.  He looks as though he is only a few weeks old.  The name is still a mystery.  Considering the breed and his family there are a lot of funny names I can come up with.  What do you think they should call him?  Here are some items below that I would assume a royal dog would be given as gifts
Take it from dog owner pro,
Paris Hilton, invest
in the finest dog houses.
Royals only travel in style and with
their family crest.
A Royal Dog needs a royal bed. 
Antique gold finish. 
Perfect for the posh prince in his palace. 
World's Most Expensive Dog Collar: $1.8 mn
A Royal touch to a collar that only cost
1.8 million dollars.  No biggie!

Too Much for an Outfit??
Of course they only drink the finest water. 
Puppy de Paris Royal bowl.

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