Saturday, January 4, 2014

T&C Pet Photography

Every year I try to make it out to the Atlanta Pet Expo.  This year, I actually stopped by and signed up for a service.  I usually don't sign up for the services be it a free nail cutting, free tooth brushing, etc. because it seems like you wait in line for a century.  I noticed a small booth that had two people in front of me.  This was good to know before I attempt to commit standing in line.  The odds looked great so I did.  I happen to be in a line for a photographer that will take pictures of your pet for free.  I watched intently as the photographer worked her magic with each pet and she was very in-tune with the comfort of the pet. When the pet seemed anxious she would stop the shoot and tell the customer that their pet is done.  When I got the email from the photographer I was really surprised how great the pictures turned out.  I picked out my two favorite prints and asked to purchase the digitals.  I received an invoice for 20.00 for two high resolution digital pictures.  I paid through my pay pal account in seconds.  Check out the pictures I chose below.  If the pictures came out so great just taking them in a booth, I can't imagine what it would be like in the studio!  I highly recommend checking them out!

T&C Pet Photography

Terrence and Connie Fore


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