Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday Pawty!

My friend had invited Roxy and I to Bobo's first birthday party. We had a wonderful time!  The adults had wine, pizza, and watched a scary movie.  My favorite genre of films!!  By the way, it was Paranormal Activity 3 and it was creepy.  The furkids enjoyed cake, treats, and water.

The cake and treats were purchased from Dog City Bakery.  There was an awesome birthday cake for Bobo.  Roxy had a Homer Simpson worthy pink donut.  The treats looked like something I immediately wanted to dive my face into! Too bad it was for the dogs.  The treats had a yogurt decorative icing on top with colorful sprinkles.  They were made out of oats, oat flour, applesauce, cinnamon, vanilla, and canola oil.  So, I guess a human can actually eat these treats.  The treats were not too hard and not too soft.  Roxy enjoyed it and Bobo ate his cake instantly! 

Roxy was given a party favor bag that was full of wonderful things.  She scored more treats from the bakery, a pink stylish collar,  and a heart shaped plush toy. 

We had a fabulous time!  Check out Dog City Bakery below.  If you need a cake for your canine you can purchase a  6"x9" to please your pooch! All they need is just 24 hours to make you a custom creation with a message of your choosing. They are $21.99 each plus tax.  I will for sure make my way to this bakery in the future!

Dog City Bakery Hours:
Monday - Friday:10:00-6:00 pm

Saturday :10:00-5:00 pm
 Sunday :1:00- 5:00 pm
 Phone: 770-971-5200!


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  1. I know what my new nephew puppy will be getting from Raunt Rindy (Aunt Cindy) for his 1st birthday! Dog City Bakery here I come!